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Data Analysis with Comprehensive Statistics Software


"Data Analysis with Comprehensive Statistics Software"
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SPSS Statistics 17.0 sen before downloading easier experience and roles of a wide range of users working together to provide organizations will make the necessary results. <Br>

Advanced Research and Reporting Tools
Multiple values accusations loss: Provides fast and accurate (SPSS Missing Values module to add)
Developed for better results where data entry Syntax Editor missing estimates: the right of errors and short time at least
Enhanced Microsoft Office integration: test syntax clean faster decision-makers

Office-formatted reports for delivery time
* Where more rapid and accurate data entry, missing forecasts for best results
, Right, and test syntax errors in a short time to create a minimum *
faster delivery time for a clean decision to create Office-formatted reports * transmitters
* create new interfaces for custom or existing procedures PASW Statistics beginners and generalists to drive results more easily
Easily recency, frequency and monetary value to perform direct marketing and sales efforts by enabling marketers to increase * (RFM) analysis. Now you can download free SPSS 17.0.2.

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